DIC is an independent, non profit organization dedicated for Islamic religious and cultural affairs under Norwegian government law. The Center was established to safeguard the doctrine of Muslims, their worship and rituals, whether it is related to daily or seasonal events within the scope of the Law of State and relevant regulations.

DIC is headquartered on Trondheim. Please visit this page for the address, map and other contact information.

Currently, there are two Imams who serve for the DIC. Short biography of the imams can be viewed in this page.


  1. To organize the five times daily prayers at a mosque in the Center and the revival of religious rites.
  2. To perform religious education based on the Book of Allah (Al-Quran) and the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace be upon him) for young and old people.
  3. To organize the Islamic holidays and large events for all Muslims.
  4. To accomplish marriage contracts in the Islamic manner, and to organize  funeral and other needs of the Muslim community in this country.
  5. To fight against harmful traditional practices in society (such as female genital mutilation), forced marriage, and others; and to publish books and relevant literatures that related to those issues.
  6. To build understanding among Muslims in Trondheim area and all other regions of the country, and to contribute to the understanding between Muslims and followers of other religions, through the revival of commissions for dialogue with monotheistic religions, and to identify all other communities who believe other religions.

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