All muslims are encouraged to register as member of DIC (Dar El Eman Islamic Center). The conditions of membership, duties and rights are as follows:

  1. The basic qualification for membership is that the person is a Muslim who believes five pillars of Islam and the six pillars of faith and witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
  2. Every Muslim in Norway who holds a residence permit or nationality has the right of membership after filling the application form for membership and approval by the Management of the DIC with effect from the date of membership registration.
  3. All children above 15 years of age are entitled to membership independently but those who are younger than 15 years of age must get parental consent to become members or join to family form.
  4. Those who provided services to the Centre can enjoy honorary membership status and shall have the right to attend meetings of the Board (without the right to vote) also they can receive reports and news releases of the Center.
  5. A person loses membership if he fails to fulfill one of the conditions laid for the admission, also a person can lose his membership if the management of Center decides to do so with the approval of the Imam.

Please kindly fill in the membership registration form in this link and then fill it, put a signature, and finally deliver it to the administration of DIC. Alternatively, you could scan it and send by email to