Special Programs during Ramadhan 1432H.
Weekly Lectures.
Five Times Daily Prayer.
Jum’ah Prayer.
Women Activities.
Youth and Children Education.

Special Programs during Ramadhan 1432H

        • Ifthar (breaking the fasting) and free Dinner every night.
Situation during the ifthar (breaking the fast).
Dinner in the night of Ramadhan after Maghrib prayer.
        • Tharawih Prayer.
Preparation for prayer.
      • I’tikaf

Hereby, we invite all Muslims to join and also to contribute. Jazakumullah khairan katsiran…
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Weekly Lectures

          • Lecture of the Islamic Law Book of Bulughul Maram

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Five Times Daily Prayer

The mosque of DIC performs five times daily prayer according to official adopted prayer time table.
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Jum’ah Prayer

During summer, the Jum’ah sermon and prayer starts 14:30. While during winter, the Jum’ah sermon and prayer starts 12:30. The languages which are used during the khutbah are Arabic and English. Some of the videos of the Friday sermon can be viewed in the following links:

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Women Activities

Under construction…
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Youth and Children Education

Under construction…

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